For folks who love shotguns, shotshell reloading is a rewarding indoor hobby…

First, you save money. Reloading can represent a substantial savings over new shells.

Second, reloading is truly an enjoyable hobby, done alone or with a pal. Many tall tales have been told and many hunting trips have been planned around the reloader!

Third, for a person who loves shotgun shooting, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of breaking a clay target, downing a game bird, or scoring a hit on small game with your own reloaded shells.

Mayville Engineering is the world's leading producer of reloading tools for shotgun shells.

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At Down Range Manufacturing, quality is the first priority. Whether it is our double inspection process before packaging or the fact that we use only the highest quality virgin plastics, we will not compromise on quality.

We believe that competitive pricing and quality material adds up to a great product.

The Down Range name is quickly becoming synonymous with quality in the reloading industry, and once you give our products a try for yourself, it will be apparent why so many people are beginning to do what we have suggested all along: Demand the Best!

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This is a Mid-West Shooting Supplies Original
The Wad-Hopper 
***Wad Hoppers are temporarley out of stock***